L2MAXIM: offline


for players who play with the summoner/support/tank now can play with your favorite class. [BOOST STATS] to all the pets summoner, support class, Tank class 10 - 25%.


The team L2Maxim he thinking to make a VIP system. with this system a player can use [.dressme visual Items] like can change armor/weapon/shield with a fake item. And with VIP System this you have double reward.. You can buy only via donate and the cost is in low price. You can ask GM's ingame or in forum via pm.


One more System from L2Maxim team. Owner map the owner map he take control of map town/castle and if the player is in clan and is in castle areas he take control of castle but you need protect castle from enemy maybe some enemy coming for take your glory.


All the maps he change automatically every two hours. In Faction maps you can farm or kill enemy. But be carefull maybe some map have guard and he come to kill you, or is protect the base spawn.


All Raid Boss have removed it from all maps but you can find Raid Boss . But you need to fight with enemy for take reward.


The newbie players he start with D Grade gear, at 40 level. You can take C Grade Gear free. and you go for level up and farm animal bone for take B Grade Gear. for A/S Grade Gear need ancient adena and mantras. The system farm is like mid rate server is not hard.


You can enchant your items from pvp or with vote/event item the scrolls is not 100% you can see rate in features server.


The L2Maxim team he working hard for make a Good and best balance class vs class..

Welcome to
Welcome to the new project from L2Maxim team. we are happy to present a new project High Five server of the
old server of 2006 - 2009 With new features and new system. the L2Maxim team he working hard for
give you a ecselent gameplay without boring. You find much points for stay on and play.
I hope you like your server and L2Maxim team he happy to see you in game. To receive the coins you have donate to our server please write in game . donate (dot donate)
New Patch 1.2 added
All players download new patch L2Maxim patch v1.2
===#list fixed#===
Fixed icon fame
Added item donate coin
Added 3 new item for buy raidboss
Go to download page and download new patch.
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